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 Intellectual Property Development / Solutions Development / Systems Integration

Intellectual Property Development

Solutions Development / Systems Integration

Nextech works with other companies to develop and implement proprietary Intellectual Property. Our work is largely focused on embedded hardware and software for remote Command, Control, Monitoring and Management. We provide support for the entire embedded and remote applications ecosystem. In addition to having front-side device and software expertise Nextech provides and maintains backside DataCenter application development and hosting for Device Management, Data Mining, Analytics, Reporting and real-time Alerts.

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A High-Tech Toolbox

Nextech's broad expertise, experience and capabilities represent a high-tech toolbox to our customers. Whether you are looking for help with fleshing out concepts, assistance in the development of an existing product or want a turn-key solution Nextech is glad to offer the right tool at the right time.


We live in a world where access to data from systems ranging from highly complex to the mundane is becoming commonplace. Nextech's  toolset is pupose built for the iOT/Embedded ecosystem. Using our OpenSensor/OpenComm framework and DRBlackBox hardware platform, Nextech can ensure your ability to simply, reliably and securely connect to your remote device or installation.

M2M / iOT / Embedded & Mobile EcoSystem

Nextech solutions cover the entire M2M / iOT / Embedded Ecosystem.

  • Collection
  • Recording
  • Logic
  • Communications
  • Storage and Archival
  • Analytics
  • Data Mining and Reporting
  • Alerts
  • Proactive Device Management

Our Customers

Nextech's customers rely on us as a critical component in the development of their intellectual property. Starting with the inception of an idea, working though the features and functions, design, programming, testing, production, and fulfillment and continuing with maintenance, support and continuous improvement. Unlike many hardware only or software only products, Nextech builds tailored, fully integrated solutions for our customers. You can focus on leveraging the benefits of iOT without having to address the complex and diverse challenges to building iOT hardware, software and infrastructure; as with all DataRight solutions you define your needs and we provide the rest.


Embedded Device Development

Development of Embedded, & Mobile Systems including Linux / Windows 10 iOT Core / Windows 10 / Android / iOS / Windows Embedded 7 / Windows Compact 7 / Windows Compact 2013 / .Net Micro / ARM / x86 / STM32. Nextech Embedded solutions are purposefully design and built to the specification of your particular needs. This approach ensures devices that are properly scaled, cost effective, and simple to deploy, support and maintain. Whether your project requires only a small number of devices or you will deploy nationally, our concept to production support always drives the best value.


Mobile Device Applications

Mobile Device development for Android, iOS, Hybrid, and Windows and Linux environments. Almost all DataRight applications have or can be deployed to the device of your choosing. This kind of flexibility ensures that you receive the information that you require on the device of your choosing at the exact time that you need it.



The “OpenSensor/OpenComm” framework is a key component in Nextech's mobile/embedded/iOT platform. OpenSensorOpenCom can be used to augment or replace existing Mobile Monitoring and Communications products with a cost effective and featured filled solution. Our product consists of modules that comprise a complete monitoring and communications platform. The key benefits from the solution include sensor device independence, communications protocol independence, real time communications, cost savings, flexible deployments, and modest support and maintenance costs.


Analytics, DataMining, Reporting & Alerts

Nextech's DataRight Analytics platform brings your data to life. The collection of data from your remote installations and devices is only the first step in Embedded/iOT. Making sense of the mountains of data that you have collected can be an arduous task. Nextech excels at bridging the gap from electronics design to delivering a tailored data collection solution. With DataRight Analytics you can realize the value of your data with simple, intuitive dashboards, tabular views, formatted - printed reports and real time alerts.