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Automotive / Vocational Vehicles

Vocational vehicles have highly unique requirements for the collection and tranmission of data. Many vehicles are like mobile factories with highly sophisticated processes that must be watched and managed. Nextech's "DataRight BlackBox" solution is a platform for remote command, control, monitoring, and recording of mobile and remote sytems.


With the addition of "DRBlackBox" to your remote system you will have a world of data collection at your fingertips. The benefits of Nextech's OpenSensorOpenCom framework allow you to monitor any imaginable physical data using the sensor(s) of your choice. In addition to analog and digital sensors, information from the vehicle's ECU / CAN / ODB / J1939 Bus can be collected for alerts, diagnostics, maintenance, and waurantee information. The proactive real/near time nature of "DRBlackBox" is like having an EKG on your system, providing all critical data to fleet and operations managers, accounting and upper management.


The flexibility of the DRBlackBox solution give you new freedom in creating new opportunities in real time operations. Turn your vehicle into a mobile scales platform, capture driver performance data, proactively manage your maintenance schedule, event recording for performance and liability mitigation and more are possible with a highly extensible and adaptable platform that is tailored to your exact specification.