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DataRight Hours Of Service / DVIR

Fully compliant with FMCSA final ruling and Canadian DOT ruling for HOS, fully integrated with DVIR

DataRightHOS and DataRight BlackBox represent a complete solution for FMCSA compliance. If you currently don’t have a GPS fleet management system yet still need comply with the e-log ELD mandate, we offer the DRBlueLink Bluetooth Transmitter that plugs directly into the truck’s ECM J1939 or J1708 engine diagnostic connector. DRBlueLink sends the ECM data via Bluetooth BLE to any ELD Android device and/or the DataRight BlackBox. The DRDriverLog app installed on the DRBlackBox receives the data and syncs with the server via the BlackBox’s cellular data plan. BlueLink can be plugged into the vehicle ECM (engine diagnostics) without interfering with current fleet management operations.

Up to the second data protection

The HOS data on the Android ELD device is continuously and automatically synchronized with the data stored on the server. If the driver loses or breaks the device, when logging in from a new ELD device with the correct credentials, the server will automatically download to the new device current and historical data.

Complete Visibility

With the HOS E-Log Server the dispatcher has complete visibility of the drivers’ status within the HOS E-Log shift and cycle as per the DOT requirements. The display is color coded to alert the dispatcher of upcoming violations.

Hosted Solution

The entire HOS/DVIR compliance ecosytem is provided as a hosted platform requiring no technical infrastucture, expertice or staff to implement.

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