Mobile & Embedded Friendly


 Intellectual Property Development / Solutions Development / Systems Integration


The “OpenSensor/OpenComm” solutions augment or replace existing Mobile Monitoring and Communications products with a cost effective and featured filled solution. Our product consists of modules that comprise a complete monitoring and communications platform. The key benefits from the solution include real time communications, cost savings, flexible deployments, and modest support and maintenance costs. The ruggedized mobile form factor of “OpenSensor/OpenComm” permits use in both new and after-market installations.


One of the key benefits of OpenSensorOpenCom is the agnostic approach to data collection and communications. Using O.S.O.C., you can select nearly any analog or digital sensor and interface with any DataRight product that supports the framework. DataRight "DRBlackBox" relies on OpenSensorOpenCom and provides a highly flexible and customizable solution for data collection and communications.


On the "Com" side of the framework OpenSensorOpenCom provides a communications framework that is once again agnostic to protocols and equipment manufacturers. As long as there is a "pipe" O.S.O.C. can move the data.