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Device Management

One of the biggest challenges to successful iOT/M2M/Embedded solutions is managing devices. All those wonderful data collection nodes must be configured, on-boarded, deployed, maintained, supported and upgraded. For a handful of devices this is not a problem, for large deployments this task can go from daunting to impossible. .


Nextech's hosted device management suite gives you all the tools that you need to support the life-cycle of your remote / embedded devices and applications. From initial configuration of devices to proactive monitoring, software upgrades, firmware upgrades, remote command and control, and remote support Nextech's "Omni" Management solution provides ease of use and peace of mind. More than a solution for iOT/Embedded devices, "Omni" can manage your Windows Desktops, Servers, and Mobile (Android/iOS) devices too.

Automation of your routine IT tasks can yield greater productivity, freeing IT staff to deal with important initiatives instead of boilerplate tasks and minutia.