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 Intellectual Property Development / Solutions Development / Systems Integration

Mobile / Desktop / Server Development

Modern Application Development must support a broad array of Operating Systems and deployment scenarios. Nextech has application engineering experience across all major platforms and devices. From micro-controller logic and lightweight Operating Systems to Mobile/Hand-held/Embedded, Desktop and Server applications, our expertise allows us to build solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

Nextech is heavily invested in Mobile Device development for Android, iOS, Hybrid, and Windows and Linux environments. Almost all DataRight applications have or can be deployed to the device of your choosing. This kind of flexibility ensures that you receive the information that you require on the device of your choosing at the exact time that you need it.

As SmartPhones and mobile devices have become more ubiquitous our reliance on them has made them essential tools. No longer  a convenience, mobile devices have become a primary work tool, especially for mobile professionals and managers. Nextech offers both hybrid and native applications to collect data, receive alerts, get real time feedback from remote installations and devices and to manage and interact with devices and operations. When it is needed, our Mobile device solutions provide real time data directly into your hand.